Best 1440p Monitor – Ultimate Buying Guide

Now a day many people like to work at the laptop but some people do not like to work at a laptop. They want to like to work at pc. And among all of the pc, the main thing is required is monitor.  Some time ago we work with the best 1080 pixel monitor but we like to work with 1440p monitor we are good for working for gaming purpose or high definition work.

If you want to upgrade the 1080p to 1440p monitor then it is the best solution to upgrade your monitor.

If you choose the WQHD monitor then this is the best decision. Why the best decision? Then I will answer it in below of the article. In this article, I will inform you about the best 1440 p monitors.  Also, discuss the information of advantage and disadvantage of the best 1440p monitor.

Budget 1440p monitor

We choose some best 1440p 144 Hz monitor list which is chosen on the bases of the performance and the price list. We choose the best 1440p monitor according to its performance and satisfaction of the customer.  If we choose another category the best gaming 1440p gaming monitor.

Lenovo L24q

Best 1440p monitors

This is one of the best 1440p monitor on this list. Our team shows some advantages of this monitor.  Lenovo is a highly successful Chinese technology provider company. Lenovo Company is the best for the Smartphone, laptop, personal computer, and pc Development Company. And also famous for the computer equipment, accessories, and peripheral device, monitor etc.

The Lenovo L24q is best budget 1440p is the gaming monitor. It has a sleek metal exterior which is the best sleek metal exterior which is like the thing and strong.

Advantages of Lenovo L24q :


Lenovo L24q has a single HDMI1.4 port and single Display port 1.2 which should be more than enough for gaming purpose, especially since DVI does not provide perform all that well in 1440p.


The Lenovo L24q can only be adjustable for easily but cannot provide VESA monitoring.


  • Lenovo L24q is the great value and solid build.

  • This monitor is not adjustable and no VESA mounting.


best 1440p monitors

ASUS is one of the best technology providing company no need to provide detail about the Asus because this is the best technology providing company. The headquarter of ASUS is in Taiwan. ASUS company is one of the best company who manufactures the best laptop.

ASUS VX24AH is one of the best laptop 1440p for the gaming experience and also fix to your budget. The ASUS VX24 AH is suited for the gaming monitor which is like Lenovo monitor fit and slim with a hollow circular based. It is also an IPS monitor, which means a better choice of colors and slightly slower response times.



ASUS VX24 is one of the best laptop 1440p because of the connectivity. ASUS VX24AH provides the two HDMI input port and also provide a VGA port. It has also had a single 3.5 mm jack which has one audio input and an output port. The main disadvantage of Asus vx24AH does not have a Display port which some gamer did not find this port.


The adjustability of this monitor Asus vx24ah is the same as Lenovo monitor just like this monitor provides titlist adjustment but did not provide VESA monitoring.


ASUS VX24 AH provides the integrated stereo speaker each with the output power of 2 watts. This features made the best gaming monitor.

ASUS EYE care.

Asus is best monitor 1440p because of the technology of EYE care.  This monitor made reduces the blue light level and utilize flicker free refreshing technology. ASUS EYE care lessens eye strains to the maximum possible extends. It is the best technology for gaming purpose.


  • Beautiful design
  • High clearly image
  • Minimum blurring

  • Lake of adjustability
  • No Display port


1440p monitor

AOC Q2778VQE is not a famous name because no one makes trust it blindly.  But this is one of the best company which headquarter is in Taiwan and this company is the same as the ASUS. AOC Company was made in later ’60s now this company takes its high pick sales because of the product satisfaction of the customer.

AOC Q2778VQE is the best affordable budget monitor in the series of best monitor 1440p because of the affordable price as well as the latest technology. Now we see the overview of the AOC Q2778VQE about the design.

AOC Q2778vQE is one of the best monitor according to the look. This monitor is a thing, slim, and it has a chunky bezel and glossy black plastic exterior can hardly be called aesthetic.  Once you look on this monitor you will find the LED-backlit TN panel with a lightning-fast 1ms response time.


Connectivity: – when we see the AOC Q2778VQE’s connectivity than its provide 3.5 mm audio jack, HDMI and DVI port also available VGA port.

Adjustability: the adjustability of the AOC Q2778VQE’s is the best monitor which can adjustable. It provides tilt and pivot, and it supports VESA mounting to boot.


  • AOC Q2778VQE which provide fast and adjustability future and large 27inch screen.
  • AOC Q2778VQE provides Fast 1ms response time fit for competitive gaming.

  • we did not find a disadvantage.

Acer G257HU

1440p 144hz

The Acer is one of the hardware companies which provide laptop and other computers peripheral device making company. Acer company laptop is as famous as Lenovo. The Acer company headquarter is located in Taiwan. Acer offers a lot of product which is in the budget segment and high technology. Let’s go to the product whose name is ACER G257HU is one of the best monitor 1440p.

The design point of view about the monitor ACER G257HU which are available in adheres to the slim, almost bezel-less design seen in most quality monitors today. It is the most convenient screen size of the monitor is the 1440p monitor is 25 inch. IPS screen enables good angels, accurate color reproduction, although the panel technology limits the response time to 4ms.


Connectivity: – the ACER G257HU has a three-port like an HDMI port, Display port, and DVI port.  This is compatible with every modern graphic card.

Adjustability:  this Acer G257HU which does not support the VESA support so some of you are disappointed about it but this monitor support tilt.


  • Solid exterior builder.
  • Excellent color
  • Minimum design

  • Limitation of adjustability.

144Hz 1440p Monitors

As for we told you earlier, we will give you the budget monitor as well as the best gaming monitor 1440p. Now we provide the best gaming monitor 1440p in this category of the best monitor 1440p.

You are waiting for a high refresh rate and frame rates. And worried new purchase of your monitor did you think the new monitor 1440p is full fill your requirement?

Then do not worry about it this WQHD 1440p monitor provide clearest and best fluid images out that can assume that GPU can handle it.

In below this post we will select some best monitor 1440p which provide you the complete satisfaction of gaming experience because of this monitor is reliable with the top graphic cards just like G-sync, Nvidia, AMD free sync technologies so be ensure that you can select among all this monitor anyone you can select it.


best 1440p 144hz monitor

About the monitor:

This is the best monitor development company AOC which I describe it in above this post. The AOC develop a gaming monitor which series name is AGON. Our teams select the AOC AGON AG241QX in the series of best monitor 1440p.

AOC AGON AG241QX is one of the best monitor in 1440p among all the reasons the best reason is the designed point of view.  When we talk about the monitor design view then this monitor looks like a gaming monitor because of the red color.  When we told about the backside on the monitor you will find an AOC logo. All overview, AOC AGON AG241QX comes with the black color with metal stand. It boasts a TN panel and a 1ms refresh rate.

Now we see the feature of AOC AGON AG241QX monitor.

  • Connectivity :

This agon monitor provides all facility which user wants to its preferred connection method.  AGON AG241QX provides the HDMI port, and a single VGA port, DVI port, on the top of the monitor will provide the four USB output port. Also, AGON will be providing a 3.5 mm audio jack.

  • Adjustability :

These AGON monitors which are fully adjustable because of it provide the tilt, pivot, swivel, and height adjustment. And also provide the stand will detach to enable VESA mounting.

  • Shadow control:

This is the best feature which provides many gaming monitors this will be providing the switching between high-contrast and low – contrast made on the fly. The dark area made the lighter dark; this will be provided by the switching between visually immersive modes that can give you permission of switching a competitive edge mode how every you feel like it.

  • Speakers

AGON AG214QX will be provided the boats set of speakers with an RMS 3 watt. The quality of the speaker is decent but not satisfied who use the gaming headphones. Overall the speaker category is good.


  • Minimum motion blur
  • Fully adjustability
  • All the connectivity option.

  • Due to TN panel the color will be little underwhelming.


1440p 144hz monitor

Now we see the overview of the Asus MG278Q

On the list of best monitor 1440p series the gaming monitor list, our team selected this is another monitor on the best gaming monitor. Asus MG278Q will be provided a 27inch screen.

This ASUS monitor is quite different from Agon monitor because of the look of Asus is simple and sober. This Asus monitor is quite slim from the gaming monitor of this type. It also utilizes the TN panel and 1 Ms refresh rate.


  • Connectivity :

The ASUS MG278Q will support the number of connectivity option. This Asus mg278q will be providing the display port, DVI port, and 2 HDMI port. On the top of the monitor which also provides the 3.5 mm audio jack.

  • Adjustability :

ASUS MG278Q can be fully adjusted for tilt, height, swivel, and pivot. But ASUS MG278Q does not support VESA support.

  • Speakers:

This ASUS MG278Q will be providing the 2 speakers. This speaker capacity is 2 watt. This speaker is the simple and sober this speaker is good for a basic purpose this speaker does not provide the bass.


This ASUS game plus mode can be activated via a hotkey. It gives a three-mode one is cross hair, another is a timer and the third one is FPS Counter modes. Now their type of mode will be useful for three types of situation or three types of game. The cross hair is suitable for the shutting games which don’t support or have it disabled. A timer makes it make to track time. The FPS counter handles the background running software.

  • Asus Game Visual

This is another feature provided by the ASUS. These features make the visual effect is good. Asus will know the later on the TN panels are known for responsiveness, not visual quality that’s why Asus made the abovementioned mode which consists of different presets and settings the aim of this to either enhance overall visuals or fine-tune the display so as to give the player an advantage and/or more immersive experience in a certain game genre.

What we like or dislike on this Asus monitor? 


  • Large 27-inch screen
  • Adjustability.
  • Convenient game plus and game visual mode.

  • No VESA support and this monitor is too expensive side.

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Dell S2417DG

1440p gaming monitor

Dell Company is the well knows company in the computer world. Because this company provides computer, laptop, smartphones, tablets and also provide a computer device. So you can also aware of dell. Dell Company is famous for the gaming purpose. So you did not find the surprise of the name of Dell S2417DG is one of the best monitor providing company.

Dell S2417DG’s look does not look like a gaming laptop. It looks like a simple monitor rather than the gaming monitor. But do not go to look this monitor is one of the best monitor 1440p and best gaming monitor also because of the main technology provided by the dell company is top-quality TN panel, a 1ms response time, and a refresh rate of up to 165 Hz.


  • Connectivity :

Dell provides a limited connectivity option only to a single HDMI port and single Display port. This monitor is also providing 5 USB port. Also, provide a 3.5 mm audio input port. This monitor does not matter on the look but it provides well cable management.

  • Adjustability:

This Dell monitor is adjustable because this provides or tilts, swivel, height, and pivot and also support VESA wall mounting.


  • Great color adjustability
  • Sleek and simple design
  • A number of USB ports.

  • Expensive

Acer Predator XB271HU

best 1440p monitors

About the Acer, we told you in this article. Acer predator is one of the best monitor in this segment of best monitor 1440p. This Acer predator look is definitely for the gaming monitor anyone can attract on this monitor. Acer predator XB271HU has an attention-grabbing red highlight, most noticeably on the stand.

This Acer predator XB271HU come with two panels one is TN panel and the second one is IPs panel. You should choose any of one according to your requirement. TN is for the game purpose. And IPS panel is useful for the more vibrant visual.

Acer predator XB271HU has put its high 165 Hz which provide overclocked, all the while G-Sync ensures a crystal-clear and stutter-free experience.


  • Connectivity :

Acer predator XB271HU has provided a simple connectivity option. Which provide HDMI and DisplayPort. Acer predator provides the USB port and 3.5 mm audio jack.

  • Adjustability :

Acer predator XB271HU can be adjusted for height, tilt, pivot, and swivel. It also supports VESA mounting.


  • remarkable image quality and solid build
  • come with two version TN and IPS

  • Did not find any lake.

Conclusion: our team is always appearing for testing computer gadgets which are available in the market. When you want to purchase a new gadget in the market we try to solve your problem regarding it. I hope you like my article.

Thanks a lot.

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