Best CPU Coolers For 2017

CPU Coolers

Here we find some of best CPU coolers for you. We choose best in specific field. You will see Best CPU Coolers, Best Budget CPU Coolers, Best Low Profile CPU Coolers, Best Design CPU Coolers . You can choose best from it, as per your need and requirements. Following are best in their class.

Best CPU Coolers

Corsair H110i

Corsair is one looped water coolers, which provide great option from moving air to water coolers. It allows some of degree overclocking upto some temperature. It great cooling option those who are looking for over clocking coolers. 280mm huge radiators is enough to cool down the CPU and allow some room of Overclocking.

best cpu coolers



This coolers allows fan speed, coolant temperature and lighting from your desktop. It comes with cold plate and pump so, it gives better efficiency and lower temperatures with less noise. It also deliver customization speed.

Best Air CPU Coolers

Noctua NH-D15

Noctua is highly rated by many pc builders for some best fans. This fans comes with asymmetrical design for high compatibility, So it provides excellent air cooling to all components of PC. It comes with 6 heat pipe with dual radiator design and also have dual fan setup.

Best Air CPU Coolers - Noctua NH-D15


If you are looking for air coolers, then definitely go with NH-D15. It will be best choice for air coolers. Fans in this cooler come with push and pull configuration.

Best Budget CPU Coolers

Cooler Master 212 EVO

If you’re not a fan of liquid cooling, then fans and heat sinks are your next choice. Cooler master 212 EVO is best for this. There are little scope of overclocking also, it offers all of this in cheap price. Fans are perfectly balanced for high and low speed operations. Fan mounting brackets are incredibly easy to use and make maintenance a breeze.

Cooler master 212 EVO is best among all air coolers and in Great value for included performance.

Best Budget CPU Coolers - Cooler Master 212 EVO


Best Low Profile CPU Coolers

Cooler Master GeminII M4

If you looking coolers for mini PCS and small factor setups then cooler like GeminII M4 by Cooler master is best choice. It also take less space in your PC. It’s fan air blow directly flown on motherboard and CPU socket, which also lends a hand with chip set cooling by directing air towards motherboard heat sinks. If you have limited space in PC case then GeminII M4 is best.

Best Low Profile CPU Coolers - Cooler Master GeminII M4


Best Design CPU Coolers

MSI Core Frozr L

Cooler comes with nickel plated copper based sporting CPU cooler is premium solution from MSI. 120mm fan is hooked up to heatsink with LED lighting. Mounting bracket that support sockets like AMD and Intel. It also support latest AMD Ryzen processor. It’s smart design control air flow as per temperature.

Best Design CPU Coolers - MSI Core Frozr L

Conclusion – Why Corsair H110i is the Best CPU Coolers

Normal coolers not capable for overclocking the CPU. Those who are looking an unlocked CPU and wish to take things a little further then H110i is best choice. By this cooler it handle increased heat output, specially air flow come inside is not capable to handle that much heat. So, Water coolers make it easy.

LEDs installed on the Pump is bonus for attractive look, those who are looking their PC colorful then it’s best for them. Normally some air coolers are excellent at keeping temperatures down and throw heat outside. But for overclocking systems in general water cooling system is best. Only down side is Corsair’s all in one sealed looped systems is the noise of included fans. But it’s not serious noise,

So prefers you to choose Corsair H110i for your PC building, Because it provides batter performance in overclocking and capable to handle for normal PC operations.

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