Best Thermal Paste – Buyer’s Guide

In the market, there are lots of best thermal paste available. If you properly apply the thermal paste that will improve the temperature and the performance regarding the GPU and CPU.

But in case of you do not choose the proper thermal paste which is suit to your device in the market different thermal pastes available but you are not aware with it then apply it wrongly then it makes the worst performance of your pc or laptop and not doing cooling properly.

 In this article, we make information about the best thermal paste for the device. How to remove apply thermal paste and how to remove thermal paste complete detail about it.

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What is Thermal Paste?

We try to in this article best thermal paste but what is thermal paste then thermal paste or thermal grease this product is just like a toothpaste which is applied between the microprocessor and heat sink which make heat processor and you can also apply it for the GPU.

Thermal paste help to conduct the heat between processor and heat sink. You find some design on the heat sink and processor then thermal paste will help to remove the gap due to design and make heating properly and making cooling properly.

Some heatsink and cooler may seem to perfectly fit into your processor but also thermal pate is needed to improve cooling performance.

There are different types of thermal paste or thermal grease available there are come with silicon, metal, ceramic, and carbon-based.

The Metal is mostly useful for apply it on heat conductor and also for a capacitor. While applying this thermal paste be carefully do not spill on the motherboard.

In this post, you will find other rules for applying the metal paste later on.

The type of thermal paste is the ceramic thermal paste. This paste does not have metal therefore they are not capacitive.

The ceramic thermal paste is not the best thermal paste for cooling temperature. But ceramic thermal paste is very easy to use and safely that’s why it is very popular.

Silicon thermal pastes have come with the readymade pad. The silicon thermal pastes only put between heat sink and processor. This thermal paste is very easy to apply but not effective.

How Much Thermal Paste Should I Will Apply?

 If you choose the best thermal paste then do not matter if you do not apply thermal paste properly this is one time applying depending on that your pc’s performance, cooling are done for a long time.

The best thermal paste post I will describe above all the type of thermal paste. Now there are many different methods to apply thermal paste and all the method makes the same result of performance.

Make sure that whenever you apply the paste do not put it more or less. Thermal paste makes not too much or too low.

The thermal paste must be applied with sufficient quantity. Among all the method the most popular method is ‘pea’ otherwise ‘dot’ method.

But thermal grizzly kryonaut is applied is another method is to apply the thermal paste on CPU in form of a line by line.

It is also a good method but many people apply the thermal paste on the ‘X’ method but this method is not good. It will use the more paste then it needed.

Some thermal paste come with specific tools like a brush for spared it properly. So which are useful for apply the paste.

You are working with liquid metal then make sure that liquid spared properly.

How to remove thermal paste?

People have confusion if they want to reapply thermal paste that’s why the first step is removing the old thermal paste. If you wondering how to remove old thermal paste? Then follow the below step which I describe it below.

Use the 99% isopropyl alcohol is the most effective tools for removing thermal paste on CPU, heat sink, and processor surface. with carefully you need to speared some liquid which was applied thermal paste and wait for some time then you need to apply the clean cloth on the part.

If you reapply the thermal paste it definitely make effectively for cooling pc. But you need to clean your CPU and processor for the cooling down your pc rather than apply more and more time thermal paste it is not good for pc health.

So, if you want to change the heat sink or processor, GPU. You can remove thermal paste and reapply it new thermal paste it is needed.

Also, I was told every think about thermal paste but the list of the best thermal paste are in below. Let’s see which the best thermal paste are:

Best Non-Capacitive Thermal Paste in 2018

Arctic MX-4: Best carbon- Best Thermal Paste

Arctic MX-4 Best carbon- Best Thermal Paste

The arctic MX-4 is the best thermal paste for applying on the heat sink. It’s very cheap and easy to apply due to its practical syringe design.

This thermal paste does not contain any method that’s why is not useful for electrically conductive. Whenever you apply this past do not wait for the time for cooling it put the cooler on it immediately.

Noctua NT-H1: Great Thermal Paste for Overclocking

Noctua NT-H1 Great Thermal Paste for Overclocking

The noctua NT-H1 keeps your CPU 2° cooler which is little thick than Arctic MX-4 or usual thermal compound. Nocuta Nt-H1 does not require the setting time.

The noctua NT-H1 is chipper than arctic mx-4 because it spared more than arctic mx 4. Its performance is very good for the heat, high CPU load and they do not contain any capacitive.

Arctic Silver 5: 99.9% Silver Thermal Compound

Arctic Silver 5 Silver Thermal Compound

This is one of the best thermal paste among all above thermal paste this is the best due to they contain 99.9% micronized silver.

Regardless of its silver compounded and also considered ceramic TIM. While apply it on the heatsink be carefully apply it do not spill on the other pc component.

Arctic silver 5 have micronized silver which makes CPU work higher and great work on the heating process.

While applying this past you need to take some time for setting might take more than an hour for setting the time.  You need to some point on your mind for applying this thermal paste.

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut:  Best High-End Ceramic TIM

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Best High-End Ceramic TIM

The thermal Grizzly kryonaut is the best thermal paste in the market. This paste is also in non-capacitive thermal grizzly kryonaut in the market. This thermal paste is useful for hardcore pc builder.

Although it is very costly than other paste it required not setting time, easy to apply it. And provides it with up to 4° lower temperature than the Arctic Silver 5 and Noctua NT-H1.

Best Liquid Metal Thermal Compounded 2018

Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut: Best Thermal Paste for GPU and CPU Overclocking in 2018

Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut

This is the best thermal paste for liquid metal thermal paste.  For apply the liquid metal thermal paste you need to some care for applying it.

This past is not only electrically capacitive but also they need some care before applying it. You need to clean the area which 99.9% isopropyl alcohols which you want apply it.

Apply the little paste on the part and speared it by the brush. The thermal grizzly comes with all the required tools you need to read the specification before applying it.

Do not apply this thermal paste on the aluminum heat sink because this paste will damage the aluminum. This thermal Grizzly Conductonaut thermal grease can lower your temperature by over 10°.

Lower temperatures will allow you to further overclock GPU or  CPU offering you a much better performance.

Thermal grizzly is the best thermal paste in the market right now. This is the best thermal paste which makes the best performance. You definitely satisfied with this product.


In this post, we mention what is thermal paste? How to apply thermal paste? How to remove thermal paste? I hope you like this article.

Also, make some product which is available in the market which is good for the thermal paste.

In this product, we mention best non–capacitive thermal paste and best capacitive thermal paste in the market.

All the product which I mention in this post is good but the thermal grizzly conductonaut is the one of the best product.

Thanks a lot for view my article.

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