Motherboard: ATX vs micro ATX vs mini ATX – Which is the best motherboard?

Today in the world of motherboard will become on the different size according to the size there make tree different part ATX means the normal size and micro means small size and mini ATX which means the smallest size in this post I will discuss to you which are the best size of the motherboard.

ATX vs micro ATX vs Mini ATX motherboard


As for the show the above image you will get an idea about the motherboard. All of these motherboards have a different size.  Now we show the largest size of the ATX motherboard that will come with 305*244 mm. Then the other micro ATX will come in 244*244 mm and the mini ATX will be shortest motherboard 177*177 mm.

When we think about the size of a motherboard that will not affect your performance of the motherboard. These all the motherboard will fit according to the size of the motherboard.


Kingston HyperX Fury

Here the when you select the ATX motherboard or micro ATX motherboard and mini ATX motherboard then you need to perform the capacity of the RAM. here ATX and micro ATX will come with four RAM slot. Where the mini ATX come with only two RAM slot.

Here the mini ATX will have come to two ram slot that will become with the 32gb which means one slot can cover 16gb ram .other hand the ATX and micro ATX will be cover 64 Gb ram capacity.

When we think about the mini ATX motherboard then you can purchase it because of these are good and enough ram for gaming pc because of 16gb is good for gaming nowadays.

PCIe slot

Among all these three motherboards have a bigger difference is the PCIe slot motherboard. We take ATX motherboard then in the ATx motherboard which will give the 7 PCIe slot motherboard. On the other hand, we take micro ATX motherboard then it will take the 4 slot and mini ATX motherboard will be provided only 1 slot of PCIe.

Obviously, PCIe slot is used for the graphics card but it has other important just like the sound card, internal model, and other peripheral device cards. If you want to choose the mini ATX card then this will be minus points that it will be provided only one PCIe slot this will be quite minus point regarding it.

What is the price tag of micro ATX, ATX motherboard, mini ITX motherboard?

If you think about the mini ATX motherboard is choppiest due to the lake of size low size and less material uses then you did not think in the right way.

When we think about the micro ATX motherboard then this might come with the lowest price due to their demand on the market is more than mini and ATX motherboard. Actually, we think about the price then the mini ATx is costly then ATx motherboard because of their manufacturing process is costly than other motherboards.

Which one do you choose?

This is the important question of every buyer of the product will be affected due to which one you choose.

Then first you decide your use of PCIe slot and ram slot. How many slots needed for your work and gaming?

if you make the gaming pc then I will highly recommend to you the micro ATX motherboard is the best for you otherwise the ATX motherboard.

When we think about the micro ATX motherboard then this is the best value of the money. It also provides the four RAM slot for enough gaming experience.  Micro ATx can also support the Dual GPU set up. If you want to use multiple PCIe slots then you will go the ATX motherboard.

Mini ATX motherboard is also good if you want to develop a compact pc. This will be good for making small size pc. You should make the complex pc and enough cooling equipment for it and also you need to suitable graphics card for it.

For the Work Station:

If you want to build a work station then as for my point of view the ATX board is the best of you when you have an idea of using the extra PCIe slot otherwise the micro ATX is the best option for work station also.

Mini ITX is worth option for the work station because it does not have enough ram slot and PCIe slot. If you want to make a small size case of work station so it is best for you but you need to consider the heat management factor.

Which is the best for Desktop PC?

When you want to develop a pc for office work and gaming pc and we can say that the multipurpose pc then micro ATX motherboard is the best rather than ATX and mini ITX motherboard.

Pros and cons of ATX and micro ATX and mini ITX motherboard

ATX mother board pros and cons:


  • A large number of PCIe slot which is the best feature.
  • Which are support multiple GPU setups or several expansions of cards.


  • Large and more expensive.

Micro ATX mother board:


  • Most balanced mother board.


  • If this motherboard provides the some extra PCI slot then this will be good for user needs.

Mini ITx motherboard.


  • Suitable for making compact pc.
  • Enough slot for ram for gaming pc.


  • PCIe slot which is not enough and RAM capacity which is also not good.
  • There is a rare case of graphics cards will be fit in their PCIe slot.
  • Also price range is higher than the other.

Consolation: Among all three motherboards is good as for per your requirement. You can pick any of them. In this post, I have provided all the pros and cons of all three motherboards. As for my point of view, the micro ATX motherboard is the best.

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