PUBG ReShade Guide and Settings – Improve Visibility and Color Quality


PUBG ReShade is no longer allowed in the game. There is NVIDIA freestyle for NVIDIA GPU and VibranceGUI or adjust the hue/saturation for AMD GPU instead of Reshade.

I think almost every PUBG fan would agree with me on

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Sometimes it is hard to see enemies in PUBG

You can easily relate to the above statement as many players are finding a way to increase the visibility to find objects in the game. But if you are not for it, then you will get better graphics with Reshade which is described in this post.

For better frame rate this post is not for you as the Reshade slightly decrease the FPS. It is not decreased high but it affects. But you still can get better graphics with configuring in overall vibrancy.

It is called Digital Vibrance for NVIDIA graphics card and Color Saturation for AMD video cards. A user can use tool VibranceGUI to activated settings for any game and disabled after the exit from the game.

Here you will find the better solution in graphics with little loss in FPS. After finish the reading guide you will get increased visibility with no blur and have better graphics. But after all, some players do not like vibrant colors.

Here is the video guide for installing the Reshade for PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds.

Many people have doubt that if they use Reshade they will get banned. But it is not true. The PlayerUnknown official says that it is OK to use Reshade in the game.

The installation guide for PUBG Reshade

  • Visit the official website of Reshade.
  • Now click on purple Download button.
  • After downloading click on the Select game.
  • Navigate to directory of the game.

It is like C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PUBG\TslGame\Binaries\Win64

  • Select the TslGame.exe and select Direct 3D 10+
  • Now click on Yes and two messages will pop up.
  • After clicking you will get the list of effects that you want to install for PUBG games. Here are some good effects and it is best for PUBG games.
  1. Clarity
  2. Colourfulness
  3. LunaSharpen
  4. Vibrance
  • After clicking on OK the procedure is complete.

Configuration guide for PUBG ReShade

  • Open PUBG and press SHIFT + F2 to view ReShade configure window
  • Now click on + symbol at the top right corner and type new for new preset that you are going to set up.
  • After that select the effects that you want to apply for a game by simply checking the box next to the effect.
  • Press SHIFT + F2 to minimize the ReShade configure window
  • The chosen effects will load every time when you start the game.

So How the Visibility is increased in PUBG

By the way, it is simply that your PUBG game should be properly optimized and also most important that you have sufficient peripherals and hardware to enjoy PUBG.

This list starts with a suitable monitor, a proper gaming headset and mouse to compete with known and unknown ones.


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