Nvidia GeForce GTX 20 series Next Generation GPU for Mining and Gaming?

Nvidia is all time king in Gaming and Mining Graphics cards. This time Nvidia is doing something big for the High-end gamers and miners. As per leak report comes from German site 3D Center. The company is planning that new generation of Nvidia Geforce GTX 20 series GPUs. It’s coming up with architecture codenamed ‘AMPERE’.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 20 series

As per information, next generation of gaming and mining GPUs will GeForce GTX 20 series. In this GeForce GTX 20 series, all type GPUs will come with different budget and Hi-end performance. As per the website, the company is planning 7 different GPUs in this series. The GTX 20 series will start Geforce GT 2030 to Geforce GTX 2080 Ti.

The company is planning to launch High-end Geforce GTX 2070 and GTX 2080 in April 2018 with High-end gaming and more hashing power for miners. The both GPUs will integrate with GA104 chip inside. I think this both GPUs are specially designed for mining and it will come with more hashing power then right now’s GTX 10 series.

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After GTX 2070 and GTX 2080 in late summer of 2018 GTX 2060 will comes to market with midrange budget and GA106 chip inside graphics card. As per company the GTX 2060 perform like Geforce GTX 1080. After an end of the year especially for enthusiast people, Geforce GTX 2080 Ti will be launch. which will 70 to 80 % more faster than GTX 1080 Ti.

GTX 2050, 2050 Ti and Geforce GT 2030 will lunch in summer 2019, which comes under low-budget and gives good performance for the gamers.

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As per recent market, For mining cryptocurrencies, more GPUs are in demand in the market, to full fill their demand and with powerful performance company planning to lunch GTX 2080 and 2070 first. And other will lunch after it at the following time.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 20 series graphics card Release date

Graphics CardsApprox. Release DateMarket Segment
GeForce GTX 2070 & 2080April 2018 High End
GeForce GTX 2060 Late Summer 2018 Mid-range
GeForce GTX 2080 TiEnd 2018 or 2019 SpringEnthusiast
GeForce GTX 2050 & 2050 TiSummer 2019Mainstream
GeForce GT 2030Summer 2019Low cost

We are waiting for company’s official statement that they come with Geforce GTX 20 series. So, Gamers r you ready for next level of gaming and mining experience.

Updated – 28-02-18

As recent news leak company will come with NVIDIA GTX Geforce 2080 price under $1400 USD. And all cards price will around $1400 USD to $1800 USD.

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