Best Wireless Mouse that you want to buy in future

Best Wireless Mouse 2017

In Our site before post we see best laptops and gaming laptops. Now it’s time to buy best wireless mouse for them. In this post we find four different mouse and we separate them as overall performance, as per gestures, as per mouse comfort, best budget gaming mouse. You can choose best among this, You can also choose best keyboards also from our site.

Overall Best Wireless Mouse – Razer Atheris

Overall Best Wireless Mouse - Razer Atheris

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If you looking for best wireless mouse then Razer Atheris is perfect for you. The mouse comes with Sporting dual 2.4GHz and Bluetooth connectivity. Price of this mouse 49 USD with 350 hours battery backup. It is also an ambidextrous mouse, meaning this si one portable pointer that can used by both right and left handed notebook users. With 7,200 adjustable DPI for gaming-grade precision, the Razer Atheris will offer you the most seamless gaming experience available with a portable mouse.

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Why Razer Atheris is best wireless mouse ?

If you are looking for PC accessory then Razer Atheris is perfect for you because it comes with Bluetooth LE and 2.4GHz wireless technology, it also offers quick wireless card or dongle connect. Razer Atheris comes with 350 hours battery backup, tactile scroll wheel and ambidextrus. It also have features like five programmable buttons, a polling rate of 1,000Hz and support for Razer Synapse.

Best Wireless Mouse in gesture – Logitech Ultra thin Touch Mouse

Best for Gestures Mouse - Logitech Ultra thin Touch Mouse

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Logitech has managed to pack numerous features into the touch mouse at just cost of 29.99 USD. The mouse combines various gesture based functions with the freedom of point and click peripheral. Battery into the mouse are charged via USB. If you need affordable with rich features mouse then Logitech Ultra thin Touch Mouse is perfect for you. The main benefit of this mouse is one minute of charge can provide up to one hour of use.

Best wireless mouse in comfort – Logitech M325 Wireless

Best comfortable wireless mouse - Logitech M325 Wireless

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If you looking for most comfortable mouse then Logitech M325 Wireless mouse is perfect for you. Most users are agree that this is most comfortable mouse. The mouse comes with textured rubber grip that sets no slip of mouse in your hand. Muse is simple to use and easy to connect with pc and laptops. It’s cost will be round 15 USD. Mouse works with Logitech’s unified dongle and connecting upto five compatible devices.

Best wireless mouse in budget – TeckNet

Best budget wireless mouse - TeckNet

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For simple and easy to use TeckNet is perfect mouse. Cost of this mouse will be 9.49 USD. It features dedicated buttons for standard functions like right and left click and scrolling. Mouse also have plus a side button for page up and down controlled by your thumb. Main benefit of this mouse is if your laptop is turn off or inactive then it automatically inactive.

In conclusion if you want but best wireless mouse then you can choose among all this. Gaming PC Guru advice you if you have budget then go with Razer Atheris. You can also choose best PC parts and accessories.

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