Best SSD For Gaming PC

Best SSD 2017

Here we find best ssd for gaming pc. We separate them as per Best SSD Overall, Best SSD Bundle, Best Premium SSD, Best Affordable SSD, Ultimate SSD. You can choose from this, as per your budget and requirements.

Best SSD Overall – Samsung 850 EVO

Best SSD Overall - Samsung 850 EVO


The 850 EVO is Samsung’s top selling SSD in this series family. Samsung’s 850 EVO comes with amazing read and write speeds,advanced energy efficiency and reliability. It also comes with five year manufacturing warranty, It gives speed upto 540MB/s read and 520MB/s write speeds. This is a best SSD family when it comes to premium storage and budget price.

Best SSD Bundle – Kingston Digital UV400

Best SSD Bundle - Kingston Digital UV400


The UV400 family offers read and write speed upto 550MB/s and 490MB/s. It comes with SATA cable, USB cable, external container, MOLEX to SATA power convert and a 2.5 inch to 3.5 inch bracket. Kingston UV400 gives great performance and look perfect.

Best Premium SSD- Samsung 850 PRO

Best Premium SSD- Samsung 850 PRO


Samsung 850 PRO offers better performance from any other series. It comes with 550MB read, 520MB/S write speed. Samsung claim that their flash drive gives twice speed of conventional flash storage. 3D V-hand makes it so, 32 layers cell can be stacked on top of one another ro create higher density using a smaller footprint. Buy it very expensive and comes with 10 years of warranty.

Best Affordable SSD – SanDisk SSD Plus

Best Affordable SSD - SanDisk SSD Plus


SanDisk SSD Plus range starts from $47.97, It comes with improved reliability and increased transfer speeds. It is great option to upgrade at affordable price. It gives 535Mb/s read and 445Mb/s write speed. If you want to save money and want to upgrade to SSD, then Sandisk offers perfect solution.

Ultimate SSD – Samsung 960 Pro M.2

Ultimate SSD - Samsung 960 Pro M.2


960 Pro M.2 is give ultimate performance upto 3,500MB/s read and 2,100MB/s writing speed. It design for pro level users, those who desire components for intensive workloads. It comes with 5 year warranty. For ultimate performance you will look at either PCI or M.2 cards, and Samsung has you covered with the 960 PRO. Only down side is price of this SSD’s, they are not cheap but it’s too fast in performance.

Why the Samsung 850 EVO series is the best ssd for gaming?

We believe that Samsung’s 850 EVO series of SSDs is the best for consumers, those looking for best budget and best performance. Every one is not capable to invest $300 for SSD’s but this Samsung series starts from $100. In $100 you will get 250GB storage, while in $1,761 ou will get 4TB storage. It offers 540MB/s reading speed and 520MB/s writing speeds, it all comes with five year warranty. It improve your working speeds and performance of PC.

You can choose any one of them as per price and your need but Gaming PC Guru prefer to take Samsung 850 EVO for your PC. We also compare all parts of PC, You can check theme here. Motherboards, PC Case, GPU, PSU and many other things related to PC.



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