Best Sound Card 2018 – Sound Card Buying Guide

A sound card is not a common word in gaming pc. But the word is overlooked and most of the people don’t know it’s part of pc. Some of think that it comes with the motherboard but exactly not. The sound card comes is a separate thing and for those who are looking for quality sound and want to buy the best sound card this year. Here we pick five best sound card only for gamers and PC builders. We want to spread gaming pc knowledge in a world.

Sound card is not gives clear voice output if you don’t have good gaming headset or spakers. Please check below mentioned best sound card and enjoy the clear music.

Sound Blaster Z – Best Soundcard For Gaming

About Sound Card

The Sound Blaster Z is high-performance gaming sound card with cool red color. This color is very attractive for gamers. Soundcard is very compact and it fits easily into single PCIe x1 slot on your motherboard. Most notable thing is it supports many features and it defers from other sound cards.

Sound Blaster Z - Best Soundcard For Gaming



Sound Core 3D Processor – For accelerating advanced audio and voice technologies company integrate Sound Core 3D processor for ultimate and powerful sound.
SBX Pro Studio – The technology create unprecedented levels of audio realism like 3D surround effects for speakers and headsets.
116dB Single Noise Ratio– a Significant improvement over stock sound cards. It allows for remarkable crystalline sound clarity. This all is possible if you have quality speakers.
Price and Best Selling– Price of this sound is around 90USD and it’s also popular among all buyers. It’s most reviewed sound card on


There are no such big issues but it drivers giving compatibility, recognization issues for some users.

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Asus Xonar DS – Best Budget Sound Card By Asus

Asus Xonar DS - Best Budget Sound Card By Asus


About Sound Card

In the first impression is the gaming sound card is quite simple, normal electric components on the PCB. Another side there is input and output of the sound card. But In sound quality, it’s too good and provides quality sound.


Output and Input Signal to Noise Ratio – In output 116dB for front and 112dB for other channels dB. In Input -105dB for front out with -108dB.
Audio Processor – Processing high-quality audio company integrates ASUS AV100 high definition sound processor.
Best Value For Money – The ASUS Xonar does not provide high-end quality sound but, best in their price segment class. Price of this sound card is around 90USD.


Driver issues – Same As above sound card this sound card driver issue rise, while using different operating systems like Linux.
Confusing control panel – Xonar DS manages to deliver high-quality audio and offers many options found in the ASUS sound card.

Creative Sound Blaster Omni – Best External Sound Card

Creative Sound Blaster Omni - Best External Sound Card


About Sound Card


Another Sound card from Creative is too good and mainly use as an external sound card. Connecting to PC is very easy, you can plug USB and enjoy the quality sound by this. With black and red exterior bodySound blaster Omni gives superb look on your desk too. The sound card is the best option for external sound with quality.


Dolby 5.1 Surround – In the sound card Dolby technology enable high quality and impressive sound. As virtual surround capability for stereo setups and headphones.
Microphones – It comes with built-in dual microphones with crystal voice technology to enable optimal performance of headset-free use.
Sound Blaster Omni Control Panel – It’s time to level up your audio. Hear power of Sound blaster technology on your PC with SBX Pro Studio and CrystalVoice technologies.
Pricing and Value for money – Those who looking for the portable sound card then Creative Sound Blaster Omni is perfect product and cost of this sound card is around 72USD.


But one major downside is no echo cancellation is given in the sound card.

Asus Essence STX II – Asus Premium and Best Sound Card

Asus Essence STX II - Asus Premium best Sound Card


About the Sound Card

The Essence series is a product line created by Asus with the sole purpose of catering to the most demanding audiophiles out there. As per gaming pc guru this sound card is best sound card from list.

The latest sound card in this line is the STX II, and it is an impressive looking piece of hardware, to say the least. It is an internal sound card that comes with its own heatsink and is, without a doubt, the most powerful and best sound card on this list.

While the STX II and the STX II 7.1 are essentially the same card, what sets the latter apart is the inclusion of a daughterboard with additional connectors which enable a 7.1 configuration.


Hi-Fi audio – Asus Essence STX II is the epitome of a high fidelity sound card with 124db SNR. The sound card offers best sound clarity.
Swappable op-amp sockets – Another unique feature is swappable op-amp dockets. The sound card is especially for swapping. You can customize sound easily using this sound card.
Dolby Surround – Asus Essence STX II comes with Dolby technologies to create an amazing sound experience.

Yes, this sound offers high-end sound and clarity but when comes at price segment price of this gaming sound card is too higher than any other sound card.

Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Rx – Budget Gaming Sound Card

Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Rx - Budget Gaming Sound Card


About the Sound Card


Audigy Rx is another sound card with a creative sound blaster. Its specification is not too impressive but it’s popular among all of gaming sound cards.


7.1 Surround Capability – The sound card comes with total 7 connectors – optical output and 6 – 3.5mm jacks with two of which can also work as mic ins.
Audigy Rx Control Panel – Using this sound card you can customize a performance to greatest possible way.
Pricing and Value for Money – Quality of sound are good in this price segment and for this, you need to pay around 50 USD.


Unreliable Drivers – In this sound card some windows pc are facing driver issue, but officially company supports all version of windows. In Linux, in latest version they sound card driver installation problem cause. I think for the driver issue company needs to think about it.

Sound Card Buying Guide?

Before buying the best sound card you need to look below-mentioned things form your side.

Will Your PC Support it?

In PC you need to check both software and hardware too. In PC like Linux operating system generally not support or cause a problem with the driver. In Internal hardware, you need to check whether your motherboard has PCIe slots or required USB port for an external sound card.

In general case graphics card block the PCIe slots so, first check your motherboard slots. But in USB no problem with USB 2.0 to USB 3.0, because they regularly update the drivers of it.

Will You Speakers and Headphones be able to handle it?

Soundcard is directly integrated with the motherboard and give quality sound. But if your speakers and headphones with an older version then sound quality is not affected. So, you need to supportive speakers and headphones for it.

Should I Buy Internal Or External Sound Card?

It depends on your choice but generally public prefer an internal sound card, because of protection issue.

Sound Card Basic Troubleshooting Guide

Sound Card installed but not produce sound

Make sure check all your connections like PCIe slot/USB port and it’s power connections too. Speakers are also caused a problem. If sound not coming from speakers when speakers connected to another device then it’s speakers problem.

Sound card works fine for some time but then suddenly stops producing sound For this issue, you need to reinstall drivers still a problem then reinstall OS.

As per gaming pc guru now you can easily choose best sound card for your pc. If you still question then message us on facebook. We will get back to you.

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