Best PSU for Your Gaming PC

Best PSU For your Windows 10 PC

Here we find some of best PSU for you. We choose best in specific field. You will find Best PSU in overall, Reliable Second Best PSU, Best Budget PSU and Overkill Best PSU. You can choose best from it, as per your need and requirements. Following are best in their class.

Best PSU in overall


Rating: 80+ Platinum
Watts: 650W

The Super NOVA P2 from EVGA is fully modular, that enables you to route only cables that you need for your components. This PSU comes with ECO mode and Sport mode and also with Platinum rating badge. So you can easily use this PSU for enthusiast rigs. It comes with heavy duty power protections including over voltage protections, under voltage protections, over current protection, over power protection and Short Circuit Protection.

Best PSU in overall - EVGA SuperNOVA P2


This PSU comes with Double Ball Bearing and comes with 10 year warranty. It is capable to supply enough power for most of heavy duty PC. The SuperNova P2 is combo pack of best in efficiency with brilliant features, matched by 10 year warranty.

Reliable Second Best PSU

SeaSonic G Series

Rating: 80+ Gold
Watts: 550W

Sea Sonic is well known brand in PSU manufacturing industry. Seas Sonic not only sell their brand product but other manufacturers use its platform for competing PSUs. The G series gives powerful performance wit 550W unit is enough for most PCs. It’s SLI and Crossfire system is capable for multiple GPU setups. It gives perfect super silent performance.

Reliable Second Best PSU - SeaSonic G Series


Best Budget PSU

EVGA 430 W1

Rating: 80+ White
Watts: 430W

EVGA’s is more affordable power supplies, those who have tight budget. It comes with features like modular cabling to bring price down to absolute minimum. Sure it’s cheaper than other PSU available in the market. It proves that you don’t need to spend the big bucks for a decent PSU. It also available with 500W.

Best Budget PSU - EVGA 430 W1


Overkill Best PSU

Corsair HXi Series

Rating: 80+ Platinum
Watts: 1000W

While we see that above 500W, we did not required much more power for gaming pc. Corsair HXi comes with integration for monitoring performance and adjustment of fan speed. It gives 92% energy efficiency at real world load conditions. Fully modular low profile cables for easy installation. It comes with ten year warranty.

best psu



Conclusion – Why the Super Nova P2 is best PSU???

Super Nova P2 with 650W took first place in our list because it is a solid balance between efficiency, price and features. It also have platinum 80+ efficiency rating and 10 year warranty. It is super option for more power for higher gaming PC and for those who want to build new PC.

It comes with fully modular that insure you to use what cables are required by the PC. It also have Japanese capacitors for power pack performance. It also comes with super silent feature, if it’s fan is on or not. It gives very quiet performance.

So, If you looking for best PSU with affordable price segment then suggest you to go with EVGA Super Nova P2.

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