Best OS For Gaming – Guide To Choose OS

An operating system is a soul of the computer. It is very essential for running the computer flawlessly. There are mainly three Os which is Windows, Linux and MacOs. They have their different versions and have their benefits and drawbacks as well. Many of them are popular in their release time and still. Window Os is best amongst them. Here you will see how to choose best os for gaming.

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Nowadays gaming is improved more and more rapidly. The high-speed games required powerful and reliable operating system. This requirement fulfills by Microsoft Windows operating system. From the release in the 1990s, it is very user-friendly.

Windows 10 – Ultimate and Best OS For Gaming

windows 10 best os for gaming

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The latest version is Windows 10. It is support available to all games and other software. Windows working on os to improve the gaming experience.  The most gaming developer making games on the platform of Windows 10 compatible. The windows 10 offers to connect and perform better with Xbox games. The windows regularly update to support more and more games and improve the performance which makes it best OS for gaming.

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Windows 8 – Over Ignored But Runner Up Best OS For Gaming

windows 8 operating system

Another form of the windows is Windows 8. It is not famous as windows 7 and 10. The structure of Windows 8 is good but it is not adopted by people quickly as others. The people told that it is hard to operate yet it is powerful than windows 7. Windows 8 is best for gamers and they still use it because it loads games faster and gives better performance. Still, the game developers release the games compatible with Windows 8. Windows 8 got still supports and users don’t want to upgrade to windows 10.  Still, window 8 is a good alternative to windows 10 and it runs all your favorite games on a laptop as well pc.

Windows 7 – All-Time Best OS For Gaming

windows 7 operating system

After the huge success of Windows XP, the windows most popular operating system is windows 7 till the release of Windows 10. Windows 7 is a solid performer like windows XP with the much better look. With the support of DirectX software makes it heaven for gamers. Windows 7 is popular for gaming until windows 10 releases. But still, Windows 7 is popular amongst gamers. The Windows 7 is highly customizable for gamers to change settings for better performance. Windows 7 is much more effective and stable than windows vista. There are people who use windows 7 for gaming but they have to start change OS because Microsoft stop supports from 2020. Windows 7 is best OS for gaming until windows 10.

-Easy to use
-Many users, More programs and games compatible
-Security issues, Crash problems

Linux – Secure But Not Suitable For High-End Gaming

Linux operating system

Linux is not a single operating system but it is a wide array of different operating systems which is based on open-source Linux kernel. It is created on purpose of providing free and flexible OS for people. Linux is best for developing and hacking purpose. It provides the best security against virus attacks. But it is not famous for gaming. There are few people choose to play games on Linux. Very few game developers release their games Linux compatible. Still, it is some games are famous on Linux and people enjoy playing them.

-Many distributions to chose
-Free to use
-difficult for primary user

Mac OS – Professional Operating System

macos operating system

Mac Os is second famous OS after Windows. There are plenty of Mac Os users but they prefer to use it for professional not for gaming. Mac Os is supported in only MacBook and iMac which limits its use. In the last few years game developers release their games only on windows platform and an after a month later or after year release on Mac Os but now they release on both platforms at the same time. Still, someone wants to play a favorite game they have to choose windows for that.

-beautiful design
-highly secure, fast operations
-Compatible only on apple computers
-Very few other program supports

Performance Of Operating Systems


When we talking about performance Windows is on the top and the second one is Linux. Linux has different performance due to different distributions of Linux. There are also good performer distributors of Linux but in the end, Windows have constant and reliable performance. The worst performer is on the list is macOs. There are hardware limitations. Apple’s computers are compact and non-customizable. If someone wants to play games on the mac they have connected external peripherals. Which increase the price of setup.

Selection of Games

There are almost every games are windows compatible. The games release first on the windows than other platforms. There are limited games are available for Mac and Linux. The windows support 20000 games which are highest in the list and in Linux has 4000 and mac has 7000 games supported.

In the conclusion the best Os for gaming is Windows. Windows provide better facilities than Linux and Mac.

There is one way for Linux users to play games that they have to install Windows on their computers. For Mac users installing windows is not preferable they have to use external hardware for an experience of gaming.

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