Best External Graphics Card – Complete Guidance About The External Graphic Card

Hello friend, if I told you to purchase the laptop then you can easily purchase about the configuration but now a day people want a laptop with graphics cards.  But many of you did not aware that the external graphics card. Normally laptop will come with the integrated graphics card but who have the passion of gaming then they like to purchase the external graphics card.

Why did people like to purchase external graphics cards?

Answer of the above question is simply they want external graphics card or external video card because of external graphics cards make the extreme result of graphics and make your pc and laptop memory release and use their own memory. That’s you can run your high-resolution games, also run the high graphics program.

 The main cons of user know the difference between HDD and SSD card but do not aware of the External GPU or we can say the External graphics card. In this article, I will describe all the external graphics card.

Please read the entire post I will describe here the best graphics card still the end.

We have to provide the following graphics cards. You can also check best mining GPUs.



About the product – In our top external graphics card list our team first choice of Gigabyte AORUS GAMING BOX. Because this company is well known in the computer world if you know the computer hardware then you can also aware with it.

The Gigabyte is established in 1986 this is the best computer hardware providing company in the world. The Gigabyte is also license manufacture of both the main graphics card Nvidia and AMD graphics cards. This is one of the best variants in the market.

Let’s come to the point of AORUS GAMING BOX is an external graphics card.  this AORUS GAMING BOX  is manufactured by Gigabyte company which provide the own version of the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card. About the design point of view of the graphics card it is the compact metal box with transparent mesh openly you can show the LED lighting in the box.

Features of Gigabyte AORUS GAMING BOX

This GTX1070 modal that comes with this casting is GTX1070 mini ITX OC 8G is the compact version of the made all the performance of the power. This is the full-size counterpart. This graphics cards fully supported the 4K and VR rendering. But the cons point of view this graphics card yet not making resulting in somewhat louder cooling and lesser overclocking potential.


  • THUNDERBOLT 3.0 – This AORUS GAMING BOX provides the Thunderbolt 3.0 with the help of this cable you can connect to your computer via a 3.0 USB port. This cable is well known of their transfer speeds which support maximum transfer speed up to 40 GBPS. We know that the PCIe16 slot is more powerful than this thunderbolt 3.0 but this thunderbolt 3.0 is closer it. This facility is made this external graphics card for laptop also.
  • Display – This is GTX 1070 mini comes with 1 HDMI PORT and 1 display port and 2 DLDVD-D port.  This provides more than enough for setting up your portable gaming rig.
  • USB – This casing comes with 4 USB 3.0 slots one of which supports the quick charging. It is easy to connect you all gaming peripheral and if you charge any wireless one which is more than 4 times faster charge though cable.
  • RGB Fusion – This is the signature of the gaming led lighting which casing will come with the gigabyte’s RGB fusion. Its capacity of reproducing a full spectrum of 16 million colors, as well as displaying them in a variety of gaming like flashing, breathing or just static light etc.
  • Portability – when we show this AORUS GAMING BOX portability point of view then this is the best portable box. This AORUS GAMING BOX weight is the only pound which means the weight is only 2 KG. This is the compact box which can easily move and easily put on the desk because this box does not want more space due to light and compact. This laptop external graphics card which provide all the tools for carrying and cable etc. this AORUS gaming box is one of the best external graphics cards which also provide the carry bag for easily move external graphics cards.


  • Few upgradable options – This AORUS GAMING BOX is compact box even though we can easily add and remove graphics card but if you want to upgrade the graphics card then in future it makes problem due to less space for the graphics card. There is no guarantee for GTX 1070 Mini type graphics card will be available in the future.

Pros and cons of the AORUS Gaming BOX


  • Unbelievable portability 
  • More than enough connectivity option

  • few upgradable options

Alienware Graphics Amplifier


About the product – Alienware is a well-known company in the gaming world because if you think about the gaming laptop then the first name in your mind will be Alienware. Actually, the Alienware company was stared individual in 1996.

It has become to the pick of success. In 2006 dell company handover the Alienware company. This Alienware company is famous for a gaming laptop and also provide the best external graphics cards.

 This Alienware made graphics Amplifier for the Alienware laptop. About the design point of view, this Alienware graphics amplifier come with spot and dark sports a dark and detailed design with a prominent company logo. This logo is the signature of the Alienware company.

Features of Alienware Graphics Amplifier

When we see about the graphics card then Alienware does not come with the graphics card. You need to spend extra money on the purchase graphics card separately.  Alienware graphics amplifier can support GTX600 and Read on HD 5000 graphics card.

Both the graphics cards are good for today’s standard.  This external graphics card is this compatibility and also a built-in power supply of 460 watts allows for almost any full-sized graphics card to be installed in the casing.


About the connectivity of the view, the Alienware does not provide the Thunderbolt 3 port to connect the computer but they provide their own proprietary direct PCIe cable connection which has the upper hand on Thunderbolt 3 by ensuring dedicated bandwidth. This casing is provided 4 USB cable for connecting the gaming and they can charge any of their gaming peripheral.

DOWNSIDES of Alienware Graphics Amplifier

  • The downsides of the Alienware’s proprietary PCIe ports that the casing utilizes, it can only be connected with Alienware laptops. These include the following, as listed on the official product page:
  • Alienware 13 R1, R2, and R3, Alienware 15 R1, R2, and R3, Alienware 17 R2, R3, and R4, Alienware X51 R3, Alienware Alpha R2

Too large and transport comfortably:

This Alienware amplifier is too much large and heavily also so it is definitely bulky. This amplified cannot easily transfer. So this is worse than Arous GIGAbyte external graphics cards.

Pros and cons of Alienware AMPLIFIER


  • Varsities of GPU support such as natural
  • More than sufficient PSU
  • We can upgrade the graphics cards

  • Works only in Alienware
  • Lack of portability



About the product – Many people do not know aware of the name of the AKITIO. This AKITIO company headquarter is located in California U.S.A. AKITIO company believes in their product design philosophy prioritizes practicality and reliability etc. AKITIO makes many items of computer’s hardware related item such as an External hard disk, GPU cases as well as similar items.

We see the AKITIO node which is broad and adaptable external GPU case.  Its has perpendicularly size and black metal chassis which are comparable with full-fledged computer case then any of other product on this list. This box is larger and heavy which are the plus point and minus point of this product also.

Features of Akitio Node

This AKITIO Node does not come with the graphics cards. AKITIO Node comes with 400w PSU which can able to support any graphics cards and every graphics card which can be fit in the interior.

When we think about the which Graphics card is the best for the support then Node is fully supported Nvidia and AMD Radeon GPUs. AKITIO NODE which provides the great power supply capacity and fully compactable space.

When you want to purchase any graphics card then this is the best external graphics card which allows maximum spaces any graphics card which is high end can easily fit in this case due to their size.

Connectivity – This external graphic little disappoint you for the connectivity option it can only provide a single Thunderbolt 3 port which can be used for the connected with the external graphics card for the laptop.

PORTABILITY – we talk about the portability of AKIO node then this is the definitely wide and size is too much more than other external graphics card.  When we talk about the weight of the Node then its weight is 15.2 pounds in kilogram we can consider 7 kg. Even thou this is heavier it can easily movable due to it can provide the case and handle on the top of the node so you can easily move it.

Downsides of Akitio Node

Size and weight – of course, AKIO node which has pros and cons is that this weight and size is too much large and heavy so which can acquire more space and cannot move easily when we think about the transport then it is difficult so this is not the best external graphics card for the laptop. If you work in a single space in the PC then this is the best external graphics card.

Built-in fan is quite loud: this AKIO NODE which has inbuilt fan this fan make the loud noise like a gaming pc. This noise makes you disturbed when you are working any work. The laptop user who likes to work silent then this is the best fan loud.

Pros and cons of the AKIO NODE


  • most powerful graphics card

  • Size is too much large same like a desktop computer and its fan size is too much large

ASUS ROG XG Station 2

external graphics card

About the Product – When we told about the ASUS then definitely Asus is the well-known company in the computer world. Company headquarters located in Taiwan. ASUS made laptops, Pc and other parts related to computer or laptop.

Asus also made smartphones and made the device for the gaming purpose.  When we told about the ASUS ROG XG Station 2 which can provide the best gaming experience and also external video card or graphics cards.

When we told about the ASUS ROG XG station which is one of the best external video cards or we can say that the external graphics card.  This product in the range of ROG line up is the ROG XG station 2.

ROG product design is aggressive and attention –grabbing this pattern is also applicable in this ASUS ROG XG external Graphics card.  The design point of view it is definitely best and attractive and also make one another functionality the red light attract to you.

Features of ASUS ROG XG Station 2

This external graphics card holder in this card holder can hold any of the graphics cards can hold it because of its space. But it can only support two latest series of GPU from both Nvidia and AMD the GTX9 and 10 series along with Radeon9 and RX product.

This external graphics card case can handle any of graphics card it can handle dual graphics card because of its generate 600W power supply that can handle dual GPU.

Connectivity – This station 2 can connect with thunderbolts 3 port.  And on the top of the station board, you will find three USB 3.0 port. This external Graphics card case can allow the fast and convenient connection of the gaming peripherals.


Lack of portability – Yes this station 2’s design is attractive and small but even though it is too much heavy its cannot handle to move within the home.  It’s made your laptop on the desktop so this is the main cons of Asus station 2.

Price – This ASUS station 2which provide the full functionality then definitely this product price will be high. But this product price is too much high so it’s made it too much costly. Its prices are over the $500 dollar so it’s too much expensive.

Pros and cons of the ASUS ROG X2 Station


  • Top of the lines power supply
  • Support Dual GPU

  • The price tag is high
  • Difficult to the transport

Razer Core


Razer Company is well known in the gaming circle. This company was established in 1998 and now a day’s their huge companies which produce the gaming equipment we all know about it.

We are known about Razer product which is come with high price tag that’s why it was controversial and attention on the last two year.  The Razer core external graphics card case is not different from the other graphics card design.

This external graphics card provide the sport and clean design and come with Chroma LED lighting all design is made for this product is to look like a gaming equipment.

Features of Razer Core

This Razer cannot come with GPU card. You need to spend extra money to purchase it. This Razer provide the 500 watts can handle any GPU card and provide enough space to any Graphics card can fit in the GPU.

This case can handle or we can say fully supports a range of Nvidia GeForce and Quadro graphics cards, in addition to AMD Radeon R9 and RX series GPU will be also fit in this external graphics card case.

Connectivity – The Razer core provide the Thunderbolt 3 port to connect the laptop or computer.  This product will also provide the 4 gaming port or we can say that this razer external graphics case can provide the four USB 3.0 provide so four gaming device can be connected with it. And also provide a wired Internet connection via the Gigabit Ethernet port.

Downsides of Razer Core

Expensive – As we see early razer product price list is too much high same like this product price is also too much high. The razer core prize is more than 500 dollar it’s too much high.

Pros and cons of the Razer Core


  • All type of graphics card easily fit and supported
  • Lighting is good it will be attracted to the gamer

  • Only one minus point we can describe the high price tag


We will try to provide the best external graphics card case in the market. Which can make the best result of your external video card or high-resolution video watch or gaming experience also it’s a good of high and bulky programming purpose.  In the above of this product, I will describe it the all the item and product is good according to your facility you can purchase any of them.  I hope you will be like my article. If you have any query of any technical purchase then inform us we will defiantly make the solution of you thanks a lot.

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