Which CPU Brand is Perfect For Gaming? AMD Rayzen Vs Intel

Primary Answer for which CPU Brand Is Perfect For Gaming

AMD and Intel CPUs have nearly identical performance, the AMD performs better in multi-tasking while Intel performs faster in single-core tasks. The design of Ryzen CPUs is more futuristic right now with the design of their socket and chipsets are ahead in the race.


Which one is preferable for gaming AMD or Intel?

A user sometimes confuses between choosing the right hardware for their gaming PC and it is hard to choose between different models. First, they have to choose the brand.

There are mainly two CPU brands to choose from AMD and Intel. There is one question rise for every user Which CPU is better for gaming?

The answer may be shocked you for while!

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Affected Factors

Before answer the question, users have to consider the factors that affect recently.

For many years, Intel was the first choice with trusted technology for performance especial when it comes to some high-end applications. While another candidate AMD, provide a more effective solution in affordable price and when compared with Intel, it is very reliable with its own performance.

For AMD it is not an easy journey, still, it manages to be in the race with Intel. The AMD just releases their FX series of CPUs and they are undoubtedly they are very trustable when they released with more number of cores, high overclocking capacity and high base clock speeds. This was all happened in 2013 and after that, they are unable to release the next models.

Their technology is still stable but it is quite behind then Intel. The Intel keeps inventing new technology and improvises again and again. But the time changes for AMD with their acquisition of ATI and new launches of Radeon series of Graphic Cards.

With the time the FX series unable to support some mid-range and high-end gaming rigs and their A series APUs were support only basic computers but not gaming. As the time changes, AMD comes with their latest Zen architecture, which they developed in their fallout.

AMD Ryzen in Market

amd ryzen

The AMD releases their high-end Ryzen 7 CPUs in March 2017 to direct compete with Intel’s i7 processor. The Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 3 models were released in the year 2017 and the powerful amongst them is Ryzen Threadripper.

The Ryzen series is accepted immediately by the user as they are reliable and also affordable with overclocking capacity and more numbers of core counts at minimum prices.

The rise of AMD Ryzen, Intel is forced to think about to increase the performance to stay in the race. And the Intel did it with their 8th generation Coffee Lake Articheture increased the physical core count especially in their mid-range CPUs i3 and i5.

AMD Ryzen VS Intel Core

amd ryzen vs intel

With AMD’s robust architecture their CPUs reach the higher base speeds and also has great overclocking capacity than the Intel. But now the situation is changed, the result is the same for both candidates.

The Clock speed is the just unorthodox way to judge processor’s performance. If we consider the fact, it takes us the wrong way and in this current time, you won’t find any gaming CPU with less than 3 GHz base clock speed.


oveclocking in gpu

As we mentioned above AMD processors have great overclocking capabilities and this true for almost every Ryzen CPUs. Every model is unlocked that means you feel free to overclock them as the motherboard chipsets support.

The other candidate Intel, have only selected model which can be overclocked and available in the market with K in the model number. These K models are just meant for overclocking or alternate of existing model.

As we know they are expensive. The models with non-K are riskier for overclocking if happens it may be damaged.

The overclocking capacities are different for various models. It depends on how they handle extra voltage, the extra heat generation and how much additional power you can get.

In the overclock race the Razen win the race as all come with overclocking.

Core Count of Processor

The more number of physical cores in Ryzen is the main reason for selling as it is more than every model of Intel. Before the launching the Ryzen Intel depends on Hyperthreading means the technology which allowed single physical core functions as two logical cores we generally known as threads.

If we compare in the physical count and thread count the Ryzen CPUs are ahead in the race. But both are matched in Ryzen 3 and 8th generation Core I3 and both have 4 physical cores.

If we see in the mid-range and high-end Ryzen have more cores. Ryzen’s CPU/Thread counts are starts from 4/8 to 8/16, while the 8th generation i5 and i7 processors have 6 and 6/12.

When we talked for desktop computing both are matched. The Ryzen Threadripper series has three models and each consist 8,12 and 16 cores and doubles the threads. The Intel has currently 5 i9 models that have core counts of 10,12,14,16 and 18.

The question is still unanswerable. Like clock speed, with the core count, we didn’t judge CPUs performance. But the higher core count of Ryzen processors makes it one step closer to winning.

Overall Performance of CPU

amd rayzen vs intel processor

The CPU performance and capacity is explained by above benchmarks and from the results, we reach one conclusion that

Ryzen CPUs perform better in multitasking but the Core CPUs perform better at single-thread tasks.

Note down that almost all modern games are very less compatible with single-thread tasks. The game developers optimize their games to take advantage of CPU and their core/thread counts.

But in most cases, the performance we mentioned above is not the same as the developer optimized game to work better with particular CPU brand.


compatible gpu

We have to consider to aspect when we talk about compatibility. One is socket and chipset.

As the name, the socket is the slot where CPU is fitted and connects to the other component via the motherboard. The CPU communicates with another component via chipset. The CPU must be compatible with both socket and chipset.

The Ryzen CPUs use the latest AM4 sockets and chipsets designed for them while Intel CPU uses the LGA1151 socket from 2015 and with every new CPU generation launches there is also launches of new chipsets.

The main question is forward/backward compatibility of CPU. The AMD start working on designing socket and chipset for future. After launching of new Intel CPU require the newer version of the chipset. That means you have to upgrade your existing motherboard if you want to move to next-gen CPU.


As we know you are waiting for the answer.

As per performance, the AMD Ryzen is leading. It is because the situation of the market not because of performance.

There are few reasons for Ryzen’s leading. One of them is they are available at affordable price. They have value for money and Ryzen 5 CPUs are the best for gaming in current times because it has the AM4 socket which survives few more years and the chipsets are compatible with next-generation Ryzen models.

But this is not happening with Intel. The Intel processors are the bit pricey on the other hand they are more powerful but it is not compulsory that higher performance comes with a high price tag. Their forward/backward compatibility is still making a problem for it. Some of the chipsets can be updated to compatible with new generation CPUs but other didn’t. The LGA1151 socket had been used in past three generation CPUs.

The answer is

Choose Ryzen if you want cost-effective and futuristic, choose Intel if you want performance but ready to pay more.

We recommend Intel CPUs for professionals and suggest Ryzen for gaming for the future.

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